Pretty Banana Nut Cupcakes

After thinking long and hard about what my first recipe that I post should be I decided to go for these Banana Nut Cupcakes. They are cute and delicious and well the rest will follow. 

Hope you all enjoy this! 

I am going to start by saying that I love these cupcakes. I have made these a couple of times now and they are always a success. I got the recipe from one of the cookbooks that I bought at a book festival in Rotterdam.
The first time I made these was when I just moved to Rotterdam. I was all excited because I finally had a LEGIT kitchen. And an ACTUAL OVEN… If you have not already noticed because of all the CAPS I used, I was absolutely thrilled.  I decided that I wanted to make them look extremely cute so what I did was go way back…
As a kid I once went to one of my mothers’ friends house. She once taught me that you could eat roses. I remember being absolutely shocked by hearing this because I was probably about 9 or 10. What we made were, sugar coated rose petals. I decided to try making them from what I remembered, but they didn’t come out quite as I remembered. I decided to alter them after the first batch. This time I applied method number two, with honey drizzle instead of sugar.
What I did was I rinsed the petals under some water and them patted them dry. Place these on a cookie sheet with wax paper (so they don’t stick) then drizzle some honey on them and put these in the oven. These should get “crunchy” at this point you take them out. It should take between 5 to 10 minutes.
Now for the actual cupcake recipe:
       5 oz (150 g) plain flour
       1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
       2 oz (55 g) butter or margarine at room temperature
       5 oz (150 g) caster sugar
       1 egg
       1 teaspoon vanilla essence
       3 medium bananas, mashed
       2 oz (55 g) pecans, chopped
       5 tablespoons milk
To do:
       Preheat the oven to 375 F.
       Sift the flour and baking powder together into a small bowl.
       With an electric mixer, cream the butter/margarine and sugar together. Add the egg and vanilla and beat this until fluffy. At this point you need to mix in the bananas.
       Add the pecans. With the mixer on low speed beat in the flour and the milk alternatively.
       Your almost done 😉
       Spoon the mixture into the cupcake tins (make sure not to fill them too much!)
       Leave these in for about 30 minutes depending on how full you scooped the tins. This also varies depending on the size of cupcakes you make!!!! What I always do is just CHECK them as much as possible. Be aware though that you should NOT open the oven to often because this will affect the texture of the cupcakes. So what you do is just check as little as possible and have a toothpick handy to check if it comes out clean they are DONE.
For the icing I usually make a cream cheese icing, but if you prefer it without icing or with another icing that’s fine too.
The icing recipe is as followed:
       8 ounces cream cheese
       8 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into pieces
       1 cup confectioners’ sugar (poeder suiker)
       1 teaspoon vanilla extract
What to do:
Put the cream cheese in a medium sized mixing bowl. They with a rubber spatula soften the cream cheese. (It should be at room temperature). Slowly add the butter, and continue beating until smooth and well blended. At this point you need to sift in the confectioners’ sugar, and continue beating mixture until smooth. Add vanilla and stir. (Optional: add food coloring for a fun colored icing)
When everything is ready just assemble by putting the icing on the cooled off cupcakes. Then on top of the icing you place the pretty rose petals. AND your ready to eat.


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