Upcoming Birthday=creating some over-excitement

As the title of this post already mentioned its almost my birthday… I decided to do a “small” gathering at my place but since that decision I have not had a single day pass by where I wasn’t thinking about what cute yummy things id be making.
I have come up with about 4 lists so far of what I ABSOLUTELY need to have at the birthday event, thingy. The amount of things that I absolutely need however keeps growing and it’s becoming absolutely ridiculous.
The reason I am posting this is to ask for advice! I need to have salty and sweet “snacks” but they need to be cute. P.s. for those who have not yet figured this out, I will definitely be blogging about the goodies made for my little party, and I cant wait!!!
Sooo if anyone has cute ideas… please do tell!!
Until then,
Spice it up!


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