Cutest gift!!

I know I promised to post again today about the awesome cute sweet fun thoughtful gift that I got from Giselle. The reason that I am telling you all about it is because it obviously has to do with food, recipes the kitchen and all that good stuff.

Either way, I am in the bijenkorf quite a lot because I work there at the Nespresso… And just because its awesome of coarse. Either way I was downstair at the books department and I saw the cutest thing. It was this recipe book but not like a cook book with recipes. Its a really cute binder basically where you can post all your own recipes and if also comes with little recipe cards so that you can exchange recipes with your friends. Obviously something very me and very cute! It was something that I wanted but I didnt really need so I didnt get it but I kept thinking about it and I had told Giselle about it… So she went out and actually got it for me as an early birthday gift. Sweetest girl everrrr.. I LOVE IT 😀

Great idea to keep you motivated in cooking at home and cooking healthy little yummy experimental things… I know some of you would absolutely love this thing! Anyways check it out!


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