Favorite Guest over for dinner

Last night I had the best dinner guests over. First I should probably mention that my parents both live in Curacao (a lot of you already know this), either way, my father is visiting us (my brother and I) for a few days and last night we had dinner together. My good friend Giselle joined too, I believe great company is essential for a great night. Needless to say the night was a success. 

What we did yesterday was go to the market, I go there all the time, but I still had a blast!!

I love the amount of fish you can get at the market, its just amazing!

What we ended up getting was: scheermesjes, which in English is razor clams. Other than that we got “rouget” which is one of my dads favorite fish, obviously thats not what they are called in Holland, here they are called “rode mul”. We got cantharellen, shiitake mushrooms, zeekraal, potatoes, bananas and the most amazing raspberries.
As an appetizer we had the razor clams. We prepared these by cutting up some parsley and pressing some garlic.We also added just a little bit of salt and pepper. Then in a pan (I used a wok type pan), add some olive oil and wait for it to be hot. 
Then you add the razor clams, the garlic, salt and pepper. Make sure to stir these enough so that all the clams open. At the point where the clams are open you should still let them cook another 3 to 5 minutes. Done! 
Yes I am aware its very easy, but super delish!

As you can see it smells good too!

This is what they should look like when they are done.
Having a nice glass of white wine makes this all the better!
This is the Rode mul, we call it “Rouget” just because thats how my dad calls it, and he always has it in France. These are little fish with an amazing amount of flavor!! The only thing we added was salt and pepper, thats ittt! 

The way to prepare it is just make sure they are cleaned, you can have this done at the market when you buy them. Then grab a flat big pan, add both olive oil and some unsalted butter. Wait for this to be SUPER hot, maybe even a tiny bit burnt. Add the “rouget” in the pan, turn them around when they are nice and crispy.

As a side dish we sliced up some little red potatoes that we also got at the market. All we added was some pepper and rosemary, with olive oil obviously. This will take a while to do so that the potatoes get soft. What you could do as well is boil them for about 5 minutes or so before cutting them and adding the spices, the process will go a bit faster.
When the potatoes are almost done you add the different mushrooms and the zeekraal (dont add too much zeekraal because it is very salty!!)


Dinner is served!!
Time for dessert, Banana Flambe!

What you do is put a nice big blob of butter in the pan. When the butter is hot you add the bananas to the pan. Turn these around, and when they are almost done you add the raspberries and the brown sugar to caramelize the fruits.
Then add the brown rum, light a match and light the bananas!
This is the end result. And it was absolutely delish!!!

Bon Ap. (The way Dimitri says it 😉 )

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