Birthday Celebrationnn

SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!! I have been so extremely busy lately which is why I have not been blogging, and I feel terrible about it! HOWEVER I am making it up to you by writing an awesome post today.

All that I want to and have to tell is way to much to fit into one post, so it will be a series of posts and recipes about my birthday. Yesterday was my birthday; I think most of you already know this because I got a TON of facebook messages! Thank you alllllll.

To celebrate my birthday I invited close friends over to my place on Sunday. I prepared ALL day on Saturday from 10:30 till 12:30 am. It was absolutely CRAZY! I had a blast shopping at the market, going to the supermarket, baking pretty much all day; I was so in my element.

As drinks I had wine, sangria, and prosecco, it was soo deliciousss!!! The prosecco was served with these fruits:

These are the savory things that I served. I had all these different cheeses with delicious crackers. I also made a yummy tuna salad, and orange bell peppers filled with blue cheese. Both of those recipes are pretty self explanatory. 
The tuna salad was made with mayonaise, sesame oil, onions, and pickled ginger. (cucumber is also really good in this salad!!)

I made a bunch of different things both sweet and savory. I made Oreo truffles, banana pecan cupcakes, pecan puffs, macaroons, chocolate biscotti, chocolate covered strawberries, paprika filled with blue cheese and tuna wraps.

The recipe for the banana pecan cupcakes are already on my blog. The chocolate covered strawberries are pretty self explanatory. 

One recipe that I do really want to add in this blog (the other recipes will follow in the next blog post) is the recipe for the oreo truffles. The reason that I am writing about this is because I KNOW how loved it was. Everyone keeps asking me for the recipe, which mind you is extremely easy (and full of calories). All you need is oreos, cream cheese and chocolate. You put the oreos in the blender till its powdered. Then mix in some cream cheese, you can add as much as you want to create them as moist as you like. Roll the mixture into little balls, these are extremely intense so the smaller the balls the better. Then put these in the fridge for about half an hour. Melt the chocolate au bain-Marie, this means that you have a pot filled with water. Then put a heat proof bowl in the water and the chocolate in there, this way the chocolate wont burn. Roll the balls in the melted chocolate and place these in fridge to harden. Done! And soo delicious!

Hope you all enjoy it! The recipe for the pecan puffs and the chocolate biscotti will follow.
Here some more pictures of that day.


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