Red beets salad, with olive and tomato rice, and Shrimpsss

On Thursday Chiara, a good friend of mine and I went to Amersfoort to meet up with another good friend, someone I had not seen in about 2 years. We had a BLAST! What a fun night, with great company, seriously! Anyhow the reason I am posting about this is not to tell you all what fun I had at a Maile’s house (the friend we went to visit) , but about the dinner. She had made a salad, absolutely to die for! I got the recipe and decided to make it for dinner tonight, as my brother came over.
You need 3 ingredients for the salad, and the dressing is very simple as well.
Ingredients for the salad:
       Red beets
       Veldsla (lamb’s lettuce)
       Goat cheese
Ingredients for the dressing:
       olive oil
       White balsamic vinegar
       Some garlic powder
       Black pepper
How to best prepare this salad:
1.     Buy pre-cooked beets then they are the perfect hardness for a salad.
2.     Slice the beets very finely, you could do this with a cheese slicer. But if you prefer you can dice them. I did both to creature different textures.
3.     Grab a handful of the lettuce, put it on top of the red beets, and then just crumble up some goat cheese on top of the salad.
4.     Then mix up the ingredients for the dressing to taste, I’d say start with a little you can always adjust it.
5.     Drizzle the dressing on top right before serving.
6.     Bon appetite! Yes it’s THAT easy 😉
That was the starter today, then as a main dish I made shrimps and rice. The shrimps were crazy easy. All I did was drizzle some olive oil in a pan, press a few garlic cloves and put the shrimps (uncleaned) into the pan, I added some pepper, and some white wine. Done.
As for the rice, very easy and very delicious.
Green olives, black olives, capers
       green olives
       black olives
       Portobello mushroom
       olive oil
       herbes de provence
What to do:
    1.     Boil the rice like you would normally do.
    2.     In a separate pan put some olive oil.
    3.     Dice the tomatoes, not too finely though. Put these in the pan with the olive oil, and let this simmer on low heat.

4.     Slice up the shallot and add this to the tomatoes.
5.     Then cut up the capers finely, and slice the olives. Add these as well.
6.     Add some pepper and herbes de provence.
7.     Now add the diced Portobello mushroom.
8.     When the rice is done, slowly add it bit by bit to the vegetables, which might look a lot like a pasta sauce. Add rice till the rice is all nice and red but not too saucy.
You have now prepared a healthy and yummy meal. I’ve got to say we just had ½ a kilo of shrimps with just the two of us. (Dimitri obviously had more than I did) But either way ½ a kilo is a lot of shrimps!!
Make this meal and let me know what you think! Obviously you don’t need to pair these dishes together, ive made this rice with lamb chops as well which is a very good combination!


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