Crab salad!

If you follow me on facebook as well then you know this post was on its way!

This past week I came across a picture of an absolute amazing looking sandwich. It was a picture that a friend of mine posted, this guy that i’ve known for years and we have each other on facebook but we never really talk. AHHHH I neeeeeded that recipe! It just looked too good! So after telling him how amazing it looked he gave me the recipe and I made it the next day. To die for! Oh incase you didn’t read the title of this post, its a crab salad. Yum yum yum.

Okay so my friends name is Tarik, and this is his recipe that I am sharing with you today. What you need is:
– surimi sticks
– soya sauce
– wasabi
– mayonaise
– mustard
– salt
– pepper
– paprika powder
– cayenne pepper

What you do is with your hands you shred the surimi sticks, which is very easy because when you pull at it you get long strings, which you could cut if you like. This can take a while so you could do it while listening to some music or watching tv even! Its really easy!

Then in a bowl you mix the soya sauce, mustard, mayonaise and wasabi. Then you add the salt pepper, paprika powder and the cayenne pepper. I just did this to taste. I always say better not enough than too much so start with little amounts and you can always add some more.
Now add you do is gradually add the mixture to the shredded surimi sticks and mix it in carefully.

Then pop your bread into the oven so its nice and crisp. Tarik also had cut up some nice cucumber which is really good for some crunch and then on top you add the crab salad.

Too good! I’ve made this salad twice this week already!


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