Endive (witlof) Salad, fast and delicious!

I am supposed to be studying right now, but my stomach is rumbling and all I can think about is food!!! I am about to make a salad that I had for dinner last night as well, it was soo delicious im craving some more, so I decided to do a quick post about it!

The first time I had this salad I was in the South of France on vacation. My family lives there (well a part of my family) and so my dad, my brothers and I go there when we get a chance. Either way, we were all there and my family LOVES to cook! My aunt and I were in the kitchen preparing some food when she asked me to cut up some endives, and break open a couple of walnuts. I did and when the salad was finally in my plate I loved it!!!

Easiest salad… EVER! Also great if your on a budget! 🙂

– Endive
– Walnuts
– Olive oil
– Balsamic Vinegar
– Salt
– Pepper

Yes! Thats all you need.

Now the how to is pretty straight forward. Just cut up the endive cut up the walnuts into yummy salad appropriate pieces. Drizzle some olive oil and balsamic dressing, some fresh black pepper, and I used fleur de sel which gives it a nice crunch. (coarse french salt)


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