Quinoa and Shrimps

Last week I decided to try out something new. I was really in the mood for quinoa, and I had shrimps and peas, or so I thought. It wasn’t until I opened up the bag of peas that I noticed I had bought horse beans (tuinbonen). So I decided to just go with it and try that instead.
The recipe I made was super easy and Oh So delish! I ended up finishing my food that day, and then making the exact same thing the next day.
This recipe is extremely easy and really good as you probably noticed just now.
       Horse beans (tuinbonen) frozen (but in a can is easier as you don’t need to peel them, the skin is hard when they are frozen)
       1 shallot
       1 small onion
       About 5 garlic cloves (do not press these, cut them into slices)
       Olive oil
       Sesame oil
       Red chili flakes
       Soya sauce
1.     Dice up the onion and slice up the garlic cloves.
2.     In a pan heat up some olive oil and some sesame oil.
3.     In another pan start preparing the quinoa as instructed on the box, add some salt to give it some flavor.
4.     When the oils are nice and hot add in the onions and the garlic.
5.     When these are nice and caramelized put in the shrimps.
6.     When the shrimps are almost done add in the beans and a drizzle of soya sauce.
7.     Now add some red chili flakes.
8.     Done!
Tip: If you buy frozen beans, what I did was put them in a nice deep pan and boil them till they are soft on the inside; you test this by trying them. If they are nice and soft peel them, the outer skin isn’t very yummy. You could also buy canned beans, which would be less work, but less vitamins too, whatever you prefer.


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