Its been a while!

I promised that I would blog today because I have been crazy busy with school since I got back. Other than that I wasn’t home much or near my computer when I was in paradise. I will however make it up to you all with some fabulous pictures of the food that I had when I was in Curacao, along with some yummy new recipes!

To start with I would like to say that I had tonssss of Krioyo food (typical Curacao cuisine) and it was absolutely delicious!

Karko, piska, funchi ku tutu

In my first week Diego and I went to this place called Janchi’s which is one of the most authentic krioyo restaurants on the island. When you get there Janchi himself (who is now getting pretty old) sits down with you and explains the entire menu. Tur kos ta posibel! Mitar mitar? Okay!
Basically everything is possible! Are there two things you REALLY want and you cant make up your mind? He’ll do half and half. So thats what I did. I have half karko (conch) half kabritu stoba (goat stew), which is when you think about it a very strange combination! Also I had a side of tutu which is this delicious side dish made with black eyed beans, with cornflour and sugar. Anddddd I had some funchi which is just the cornflour dish. Needless to say I was not able to finish it all, but it was so good!!! Diego had fish and karko, although right this second I cant remember what it was, I do remember it was super yummy! Especially with the sauce that goes on it!!! Writing about it I want to just go back and have some more!

Kabritu Stoba

Janchi’s is a great place to have lunch when you are on your way to Lagun or one of the other beaches nearby. I had actually not gone in years, mostly because when you live on the island you dont appreciate places like this as much. But I am glad I went!


Funchi ku tutu


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