December deliciousness!

One of the things that I was most looking forward to when going back to Curacao was the food. This time i’m not talking about al the typical Curacao foods, more like the amazing cooking of my dad! Mostly when I go to Curacao he only cooks a few times, but we made sure to cook a ton this December, I love how our passion for cooking brings us together 🙂

Either way… He made Osso Bucco! Aghhhhh soo delicious! It was the first time that he made it for me.   One thing I still need to do is make sure I get that recipe, when I do I will totally share it with you guys. What I do know is that he substitutes white wine for red… Hmm red wine 🙂

Anyhow I did want to share some pictures since I don’t have the recipe yet… You’ll have something to look forward too 😉

One thing I need to do now is get one of those special pans so that I can start making Osso Bucco as well… I promise that as soon as I make an Osso Bucco I will have step by step pictures of how to do it, along with the recipe… 

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