Zeebaars, black rice, and mixed mushrooms

Last night after a great day of shopping for cook books I cooked dinner for two of my best friends and my brother. I believe that the company makes the night memorable, and it definitely was! There is nothing better than good food, good wine, and great company!

I made sea bass (zeebaars) with black rice and mixed mushrooms. It was soo good!

Ingredients for sea bass:
– onions
– garlic cloves
– sea bass (i did one per person)
– white wine
– thyme
– herba mare
– tomatoes
– olive oil
– pepper

All you do is slice up the onions into slivers (not diced small!) Then you cut the tomatoes into wedges. I left the garlic cloves whole so that you can eat those as well (very yummy in the oven).
I had the fish cleaned at the market, then I put some olive oil in a glass heat proof tray. I put the fish in the tray, seasoned it with some salt and pepper. Then I put the tomatoes, garlic and onions on top of the fish with some more olive oil, thyme and white wine. Put some oil on top and pop it in the oven. You know that its ready when its getting nice and cooked on top… The juices will boil a bit as well and it will smell great too.

The black rice I bought at an organic store at the Groene passage in Rotterdam. I boiled it the way you boil normal rice but with more water. This rice is really yummy but it stays a bit hard so if you dont like that, then now you know not to get black rice 😛 Either way, I just added some pine nuts, and basil leaves right before serving.

And the mushrooms just with some olive oil, rosemary and herba mare.

Hope you guys enjoy this post! I will post about the book market soon as well 🙂


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