Quinoa with squid

I cant help myself! Its terrible, cant seem to stop blogging! I made this really quick yummy dinner just now, very simple so I thought ahh I’ll just post real quick 🙂

I had most of the things at home already but was really in the mood to try this out.

– squid
– fresh tomatoes
– canned tomatoes
– garlic
– quinoa
– capers
– parsley (fresh or frozen, p.s. herbs can be kept frozen which is great because I buy at the market and just stuff it in my freezer)
– olive oil
– pepper
– herbes de provence
– herba mare

1. First prepare the quinoa the way the box tells you to.
2. In a pan heat up some olive oil and add 2 garlic cloves chopped tiny or pressed
3. Add the herbs except the parsley to the garlic
4. Now add the fresh tomatoes, and the parsley to the pan.

5. Mix it up, add the squid, the capers, and the canned tomatoes (diced)
6. Let this simmer for a bit, but not too long or the squid will get chewy.
7. Add the quinoa ( I added the sauce to the quinoa to make sure the proportions are right)

Bon Ap!


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