Quick Squid Dinner

I know i’ve been kind of MIA lately but I really havn’t had a lot of time to cook lately. I would however like to send a quick recipe that I did make. It was a last minute recipe with things I already had at home the only downside is that I didn’t take any pictures. But I promise its really yummy!!!
       sesame oil
       olive oil
       wok oil
       lemongrass chili
So what I did was just clean the squid and cut it into strips. I diced up the garlic onions and fresh ginger. In a wok pan I put a teaspoon of sesame oil, one teaspoon olive oil and one teaspoon wok oil. Heat up the oils and add the garlic, ginger and onions. When these brown add the squid and some lemon grass chill. Stir it through but don’t cook this too long as the squid will get chewy, and no one wants that.
This dish is really good with some plain white rice. 
Enjoy!!! Super easy to make and very good!!


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