Bogota, Colombia Part 1

Its been very hectic couple of months. I had exams first then right after my exams I went to Colombia, which you might already know, followed by a move the week after I got back. Needless to say i have not exactly had time to cook and even less time to blog. I have missed blogging though hope you all missed me too!
Lots of catching up to do!! To those of you with instagram check out my instagram Tnataf I post some food as well as other fun stuff to keep you entertained. I don’t even know where to start I guess I should tell you all about my amazing trip to Colombia.
Some of you might know that I went there to visit my awesome boyfriend to those of you who didn’t, now you do! To be more specific I went to Bogota. We did a bunch of fun stuff there but I will tell you about the food related things J My absolute favorite thing there was this market in Usaquen. It’s a market with a bunch of stands with handmade objects, fruits, juices, and a lot more. Usaquen is  like a cute old little city so its really nice to spend the day there and have lunch in one of the restaurants near there. The market is only open on Sundays so in my three weeks there I went twice (only because I left on the last Sunday there haha) While in Usaquen I tried some amazing food and snacks I will share some of the photos with you now. 
First a picture of my new favorite drink 😀 Limonade de Yerba Buena. This is like a slushy (not as sweet though) with lemonade and mint. Super yummy!!!!!
Then some yummy exotic fruits including mangostino, which is an extremely exotic fruit only found in Colombia and Indonesia. If you are ever in any of these two places make sure you try it!


Stay posted on more about Colombia but also other new interesting things I wanna tell you all… 
(including a great soup restaurant tip)


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