Something new… Check it out :)

Before I get to part 2 of my trip to Colombia I want to share a recipe with you that needs to be posted this week. I decided to have a weekly post, this is a recipe that you can make with one or more of the Albert Heijn bonus products (for those of you that live in Holland and are students this ones for you)
This week I decided to buy the Schelvisfilet at Albert heijn, its in the bonus! I also got some mixed cherry tomatoes, red, orange, and yellow. What I did was put some salt pepper and rosemary on both sides of the filet. Then I cut up the cherry tomatoes into 4 pieces, I cubed one shallot and one small onion. Then put these in a pan all together on low heat with some garlic, salt and pepper. When the tomatoes softened I added a splash of balsamic vinegar.
Then for the fish the yummiest way (not the healthiest) is to put a little bit of butter as well as some olive oil on low heat. Then place the fish in the pan and brown both sides. Make sure you do this on low heat or the outsides will be nice and crunchy and the inside of the fish will be raw!
When the sauce is done just put it on top of the fish and enjoy! I made some baked potatoes on the side.  ( I had ricotta at home so I made a basil ricotta for the baked potatoes. Didn’t wanna waste the ricotta 🙂 )
Some other tips for this weeks bonus products:
– Tuna salad with some mayo, pickled ginger, sesame oil, sesame seeds (optional cucumber)
– The asparagus and rucola risotto that I have on my blog already


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