Bogota, Colombia Part 2

Continuing the Bogota post… There is wayy more to enjoy than just exotic fruits! Two very popular soups that seem similar to some are Sancocho and Ajiaco. The main ingredients that go in a Sancocho are: fresh corn, a seasoning called aliños, a whole chicken, green plantains, white potatoes, yuca, and cilantro. The Ajiaco on the other hand is made with: chicken leek, onion, green bell pepper, corn, celey , carrots, different kinds of potatoes, cilantro, tomato. Then on the side you get  avocados, sour cream and capers with rice which you add in the soup. When looking at these two soups they look very similar but they taste really different! So make sure that you try them both when you do go to Colombia. I tried them both in Usaquen and lovedddd them. The Sancocho is a bit more popular and known but they are both really yummy!!! Ofcoarse I took some pictures so here they are:

These are the Ajiaco pix:
Here are some random pictures of Usaquen and the market:
Arequipe!!!!! Soo yummy (and sweet)

These two top pictures are some yummy coconut thing that this cute little man was selling. Very yummy! Glad it came in such small quantities because Diego (the boyfriend) had been making me try EVERYTHING that day. 
And then the pictures that follow are the Sancocho!! Yum I need to learn to make this myself.

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