Starting the morning right

Quick post about what I am up to in the mornings. I used to do this then went on vacation and lost the rhythm of it then moved, and now I started back up… Healthy smoothies! I went to the tuinen and got a bunch of different yummyness to have different smoothies every day. I got spirulina, wheatgrasspower, maca poweder, cocoa nibs, ahorn, and maple syrup, chia seeds and goji berries. Other than that I have some plain almonds, almond milk and soya milk, and some fresh fruits from the market. Obviously you dont need to have all of these at home, its quite pricey as well so I didnt get them all at the same time…

Here are some pics of smoothies i’ve made so far. And from now on I will try to make a different one every day, and post the recipe along with a picture.

This is what I made today

Ingredients: banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, spirulina, almonds, almond milk and ahorn syrup

Past smoothies:

If any of you has some good recipes totally let me know!!!!


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