Ink Pasta

A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine had tagged me in a picture on Instagram. She was on vacation in Barcelona and had ordered a delicious black ink rice. Now this friend of mine has a “hint” every time she likes something or wants to eat something specific I get tagged in pictures or link on my wall. Now dont take it the wrong way I enjoyyy this. She challenges me to make interesting things, which makes for some fun blog posts. Either way its a win win situation. (win win win actually since my brother always joins as well 😛 Di you know I love you haha)

Ok so I didn’t actually make the ink rice… I did however make my own version of an ink pasta. I think that many versions of this pasta will follow, because its great, and you can add so many different types of seafood to enhance the flavours.

– olive oil
– garlic
– onions
– fresh basil
– oyster mushrooms (oesterzwammen)
– eggplant
– red and yellow capsicum
– ink
– shrimps
– truffle pieces (in oil)
– herbamare
– sel de mer
– pepper
– cherry tomatoes
First make sure to set up a pan with water for your pasta!
In one pan I sautéed soem cherry tomatoes. I added these on top of the pasta later to add some flavour and color as well!
Now all you do is sautee the garlic and onions in some olive oil. Then add the capsicum and the eggplant. Sautee these on low heat for about 5 minutes. Now add the oyster mushrooms. 
Time to add in the shrimps, the Herbamare, basil, salt, pepper and truffle. Incorporate these well and then add the ink. Use as much as you want I used quite a bit because this is pretty much used as the sauce. I did also include some of the water that the pasta cooked in to give a nice consistency.
I topped it off with the sautéed cherry tomatoes, and some fresh basil
Your done! Thats it!


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