KOM de soepwinkel

As most of you know (especially the ones of you that know me or follow my blog regularly) I moved recently. I came across (because my neighbour brought me an awesome housewarming gift) a soup place near my house called KOM. Kom in dutch means bowl and its a soup place, very cute 🙂

Anyways so since then i’ve been backa bunch of times already!! Love the place! They have fresh homemade soups everyday. The menu changed weekly and every week they have atleast 2 vegetarian soups, they have vegan ones as well! The best one I had there so far was a mushroom with truffle and lavender soup… It was absolutely to die for! (Picture all the way at the bottom). You can check out their website weekly to see what their menu of the week is!   http://www.komrotterdam.nl/

I just wanted to share this with you, if your ever in Rotterdam make sure to stop by the Oudedijk and get soup. p.s. its very affordable as well. 

Here some pictures


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