Something fun!!

To those of you who follow me on my facebook page, you know I had a yummy soup for dinner. I opted for the healthiest one today, I should add they are all pretty healthy at KOM. I enjoyed it to the max like I always do. KOM has become my go to place for a quick dinner or even lunch for that matter.

Today the owner told me about this really cool event! On the one hand I wish i’d still be in Holland so I could go, on the other hand im going to PARADISE so its all good 😀
Either way the event is hosted by Rotterdamse Oogst. Its on saturday the 6th of July at Noorderplein in Rotterdam. At this event there will be tons of fun workshops, all given by people who know EXACTLY what they are talking about! At night several pop-up restaurants will appear where home cooks will serve some great food.

The owner of KOM was telling me that she will be giving a workshop about cold soups. You will learn to make them and of coarse enjoy it afterwards, for the price of 5 euros! Yes just 5 euros, thats approximately the price I pay to go buy soup, so for a workshop thats crazy!

Anyways i’d say hit it up! It should be tons of fun, if anyone goes and wants to send me some pictures i’d totally post them! Here is a link to the event where you can find whatever other info you might want.


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