July First post

You might already know that I am participating in a July challenge along with a few other awesome bloggers. This challenge means that I will be posting every other day, in this case every even day for the entire month of July. I have never blogged that much EVER, so it will be a challenge but I love a good challenge… So for my first July post it took some serious consideration what I should start with but I think I found something you all might like!

This year I started my communications study. A lot of you know how much I love the study but I doubt most of you know what I’ve actually been up to. These last few weeks of school we got another really cool project. We had to make a magazine that has to do with something in Rotterdam. Lucky for me I got to choose my own group and I worked with a couple of my close friends. We chose to do our magazine about food, which is why I am blogging about it.
I thought it might be cool to share it with you guys. It was done in a few shorts weeks and its just a small magazine but I think it turned out pretty cool. It is in Dutch though since my study is in Dutch so I hope that’s not a big problem.
One of the recipes that are in there I will be posting fully as well on the blog with some more information and pictures. Either way I hope you enjoy it! 

This was the cover. To look inside click the link
As for the rest of the bloggers check them out!


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