July post #2

Some of you might remember me posting a short blog post about how my dear dear brother will be leaving for a couple of months to go do his internship.  Obviously since he is the one that eats at my place most I had to have a yummy “going away” dinner for him. I had no idea what to make so send my brother to the market to get fish… He got a couple of red snappers and I prepared them in the oven. It was a great success.

I grabbed big pieces of foil put some olive oil on them then I rubbed some salt and pepper on the fish and put it on top of the foil. I then added some pieces of tomatoes and celery as well as shallots and a drizzle of white wine. Wrapped the fish up and put them in the oven.

I made some mini potatoes as well, just cooked and then threw them in the pan with some truffle & olive oil. As for the veggies I sliced up some courgette (zucchini) in a French fry(ish) shape dipped them in egg and bread crumbs and baked them in a pan with some olive oil. (I think these would also be great in almond flour rather than bread crumbs, it would add some great flavor as well as being healthy)


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