Ok so as you all know I joined a challenge with a group of AWESOME bloggers. Part of the challenge is that we get out of our comfort zones and write guests posts for each other. I am proud to announce the first guest post!!!! Hope you all like it as much as I do. It’s written by Steve A Hetem and this is his blog:
You should totally check it out and see how he incorporated his writing style with my blog to create this really cool first guest post.

I don’t eat fish
I don’t eat fish
Often it’s the taste
Sometimes the smell
But curious, ’tis
I just don’t like fish
An unfamiliar structure
Too many tiny bones
But curious, ’tis
I do like fish
With their pretty colours
Swimming, jumping, chasing
Just not on my dish
Mohinga looks nice
Filled with goodies
Full of flavour
Lots of delish
Seen the sashimi tuna,
A well sliced one?
How can one resist?
Hunger come, hunger gone
Sea bass galore
Roasted in a pan
Fixed with mushrooms
Finished with wild rice
Salmon smoked on bbq
Prepared with lemongrass
Throw in some taters
It does sound the best
Curiosity is stricken
Amazed is what I feel
By all the delish fish dishes
That I have seen
If someone
Cooked it well
Maybe then
Will I eat fish again?
Inspired by the 1st episode of Eden Eats!


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