July post #3 (Shopping in Curacao)

The title might make you think that i am talking about shopping clothes wise, but I am NOTTT or it wouldn’t fit with my blog…

Yesterday was a great day, such a relaxing sunday. I went to 3 supermarkets with my mom, because thats how we roll… I mean if you can why not 😛 We LOVE shopping at the supermarket, probably more than shopping for clothes, yes I am totally serious!
We made some great dishes that I wanted to share with you. First a tuna on the bbq which was reallyyy good! Then a ceviche with a couple of yummy side dishes…

Here are the ingredients and steps per dish:
– Dradu or Mula
– Cilantro
– Olive Oil
– Lime juice (a lot)
– Curacao pika (peppers)
– Salt
– Pepper
– Avocado
– Tomatoes
– Onions

To make the Ceviche cut up the tomatoes and onions very small. Squeeze a BUNCH of limes and cut the fish into nice little squares. Put the fish in a bowl with the lime juice, then add some olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix this and add the tomatoes, onions and cubes avocado. Add thinly sliced pepper. Cut up some cilantro and mix this into the rest of the ceviche. Let this stand for a bit so that the lime “cooks” the fish in its sour. Enjoy! (Dont forget to refrigerate this!!!)

CousCous Salad
– couscous
– olive oil
– salt & pepper
– yellow tomatoes
– red tomatoes
– cucumber
– mozarella
– basil
– a splash of lime juice

Prepare the couscous grains as you normally would. Then add some olive oil salt and pepper. Cut the tomatoes, cucumber and mozarella and add these into the couscous. Cut some fresh basil mix this in and finish it off with a splash of lime juice. Mix well.

This is the easiest of all. We cooked the asparagus for about 5 minutes or so in boiling water. Then took them out and put them on the bbq. Done!!! (super yummy) We dipped them in a vinaigrette was delish!

We bought these at the supermarket not having any idea what they were but we wanted to buy them and experiment. So thats exactly what we did. We put them in a pan with garlic butter and pepper and then when they were finished ate them with some aioli.

– One bigggg fresh tuna
– salt
– pepper
– olive oil
– herbes de provence
– sesame oil
– kikoman soya sauce

Make two to three cuts in the tuna where you can put the spices. Then season it with olive oil, salt, pepper and herbes de provence. When its on the bbq make a little mixture with olive oil, sesame oil, and kikoman soya sauce. Brush this mixture over the fish every one in a while to make a yummy “crust” on the skin. 

Thats all the dishes we had yesterday with some yummy white wine. I’d say try it out and let me know what you think!

Bon Ap!

Tiara Nataf


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