July Post #4

The Importance of Color in Food/Cooking
Today I’d like to write a post about cooking in general rather than a specific recipe or ingredient. 
When I used to help my mom cook back in Curacao there was one thing that she always said: “Add color to your food!” I’m not talking about food coloring, I mean I know pink cupcakes are great but I’m talking about natural colors in a dish.
Adding color to your meals affects more than just one thing… Here are the reasons you SHOULD do this:
    It looks so much more appetizing.  Imagine a dish with just some white fish, cauliflower and potatoes, and then compare that to a whole red snapper, with grilled bell peppers and eggplant with some coconut, raisin rice. Which would you chose? I can assume you would go for the second dish.
    Another reason that colors are great is that every “color” gives you different vitamins, minerals etc. Obviously not all white foods have the same vitamins and minerals but you will get a totally different intake of healthiness if you mix and match. Whatever you miss in one ingredient you can make up for with the other.
    One of the things that I find important is that it looks pretty 😛 Being a food blogger I try to always make my food look attractive and if you have just one color on your plate it will look very different.
I have some really cool plans for tomorrow, that I’d absolutely love to blog about on my next post so hopefully that plans will happen and you will have some very exciting and interesting to read about on my next post. So stay tuned!


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