July post #5 An Adventure

As mentioned in my last blog post I would have something very interesting for you guys today. Its something that I have been doing for I think almost ten years. As a kid I’d go boating with my parents and we’d end up at fuik sometimes. In France this is available in some restaurants on the coast which is why both of my parents known this… Ok I will stop the suspense todays topic is sea urchins. Yes the ones that you usually try to avoid because if you step on them you will have to kindly ask someone to pee on your foot. That’s the exact sea urchin I introduce to you as a food today.

I have a bunch of great pictures to share with you today and I hope you like them. Basically all you need is a point knife, a spoon, a lime and your hands. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I spent the day at Lagun with my boyfriend “hunting” sea urchins, cleaning them and eating them fresh/raw. It’s delicious and if you have the chance I seriously suggest that you do it!

I’d love to hear what you all think of this, who would be willing to try it and who wouldn’t, and what you think of it. I always have an audience at the beach when I’m doing this. Some people look amused and interested while others look at me with disgust. I love it! Hahaha one of my favorite things to do is ask people if they want to try it. And every time I go there is at least one person willing to try it.  


2 thoughts on “July post #5 An Adventure

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Are all our “native” sea urchins edible? Noted you had the ones with white” thorns”…what about the ones with black/red or green thorns?


  2. I would definitely stick to the ones with white thorns, mostly because I KNOW for a fact that those are safe and those are the ones that you will find faster. I know that the ones with the very long thorns are extremely dangerous so I STRONGLY suggest to stay as far away from them as possible.
    A tip on finding some sea urchins is that if you are at Fuik for example you will often find little piles of leaves and stones on top of the sea urchin to camouflage them. So be careful… Other than that they have little suction thingy's which is how they stick to rocks and stuff, so when it starts sticking to your hand, DONT freak out… Glad you like the post!


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