July Post #6

Today I wanted to share with you what cooking means to me. Some of you might already know this some might not.

When I was living in Curacao both of my parents cooked all the time. Now I need to say that my parents are both good cooks but that they cook very differently. My mother is very creative with cooking, she will look at what we have in the fridge and make some crazy dish that’s delicious. She often mixes things that one wouldn’t think to mix and they taste great. My father on the other hand usually makes very specific things. He uses recipes that he has known for years, sometimes also new recipes but my dad is very specific in his cooking.
Because my parents have always cooked a lot at home this was the time that brought us all together. And I have grown to love lunch and dinner time (like I’m sure a lot of you guys do too).  Whenever I come home (to Paradise, A.K.A. Curacao) that’s one of the things I look forward to the most. I mean obviously I enjoy a day at the beach, tanning because I look like a ghost after a year in Holland. But when its time for me to cook with my parents its always meaningful.
Especially with my dad this is some serious bonding time because he usually doesn’t have time during the week to do much except drive around and have meetings or whatever it is that he does haha. Especially now that I started my blog my dad and I bond more about food. My dad isn’t much the type that reads blogs or whatever but since the start of my blog in September he has been a loyal follower and it means the world. Obviously my mother also follows but she is more vocal about it. She loves to share all my blog posts with the world.
Other than bringing my family closer together I believe that food is something that brings tons of people together. For example when I am in Holland and I want to see my friends or my brother for that matter I always invite them to come over for some food (and wine because lets get real my friends and I love some wine with our meal). Food brings people together all over the world… When your significant other is mad at you, and you cook him or her a GREAT meal I can promise the fight will be close to over 😉
(Wondering how my boyfriend will feel after reading this post, but I’m sure he can’t deny it)
Anyways I hope that I was able to show you what cooking means to me if it wasn’t already clear before. Also I strongly suggest that everybody learn to cook. Even if you can only make 2 or 3 good dishes you need some tricks up your sleeve when it comes to cooking… SERIOUSLY!
Have a great day everyone!


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