July Post #7

For the blog post of today I need you guys to participate vocally. You can be anonymous that is not a problem, but I’d like to get as many people as possible to participate. I thought of a fun challenge that I would like all my readers to participate in with me. You can decide to do it for just one month or if you like continue till there is nothing left to try.

The challenge is this. I would like you all to write down one food (not a dish per se, just a fruit/vegetable/fish/meat (you get the picture) that you have NEVER eaten before. I want you to not just write it down for yourself but write it as a comment below this post. You can add your name, or say why you chose that specific food. Ok so you thought about it, wrote it down. Now your going to eat it. You can go out and have it at a restaurant or make it yourself but within one month you will have to eat it. Try to think of something crazy. Not oh I have never eaten a red potato and so I’m going to try that (mind you red potatoes are fantastic) but try something that is crazy to you. 
The reason that I would like you all to participate in this challenge with me is that I sort of already do this. Whenever I am at the market or supermarket and I see something that I dont know I buy it. At the market its a bit easier because you can ask the people selling it what you do with it, but otherwise there is this magical tool called the internet. You can always look up a food and find a recipe that goes along with it.
I’d love to hear what you all chose for this month, and if you decide to do it monthly I think that would be awesome. You might love some things and hate some things, but you have so much more to work with if you try new things! I ask of you to not only write down the food of your choice, but also write comment again when you tried it. Tell people what you think, write a review. I would love to hear what my readers eat!
Have a great day! I cant wait to hear what you all come up with. Hopefully you all will try something that I have never hear of and I promise I’ll join you in trying that new food!

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