July Post #9

Today I want to share something very fun with you. To those of you who live in Curacao this might not be a big deal but it’s a place that I love. The floating market of Curacao. To those of you who don’t know it, this is definitely worth checking out.

The floating market in Curacao is basically a line of little boats that come from Venezuela to sell their fruits and vegetables in Curacao. My favorite things to get there are mangos and queso blanco which is an awesome cheese to put in arepa’s. (I will do an arepa blog for the people that don’t know these, because everyone should know what an arepa tastes like!)

Usually what we used to do back in the day with my mom is just drive by the floating market veryyy slowly and we would know this specific guy that always sold there. He’d get us all the fresh and yummy goodness and bring it to the car. If you want to be proper you will park your car in a parking spot, pay and wtvr, but its more fun this way, more pressure as well. So especially if its your first time, or if you like to take your time then I strongly suggest that you park and take a stroll at the floating market.

Whats your favorite thing to get here? Share!!


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