July Post #10 Piska kora

Ok so on this little rock that I like to call paradise this is how we buy fish.
See a man on the side of the road holding out some beautiful fresh snappers, honk at him, tell him ku bo ta bin (that your coming) find the fastest way to turn your car around and park next to the truck that is his “spot where he sells fish”. 
Red Snapper, fresh fresh!
This is how we do…
Kuantu pa kilo? 
Lekker lekker yiu!
Time to clean them snappers

All of this delicious fish buying happened with my boyfriend and his family, and his mom would prepare it. She taught me something new. Something super duper yummy.
First she cleaned the fishies, and then she seasoned them with salt, lime and dill. After which she stuffed the bellies with bay leaves, tomatoes, and onions. After filling them up she wrapped them in some banana leaves and tied them up. (make sure you use string that does not give off color or anything!!) Place them on the bbq and your ready to go. She made them with some funchi which is very local and delicious but as a side you can make pretty much anything!
The goodness about cooking fish this way is that its gets an amazing smokey ish flavor because of the banana leaves. I do however suggest that you put some olive oil on the outsides of the fish so that you “save” the skin rather than it peeling off along with the banana leaves when its ready. 


2 thoughts on “July Post #10 Piska kora

  1. Ahh it totally was! Gonna have to make this more often!!! He is in Santa Maria. Pass Super Miloucha then at the stoplight go left (towards Otrobanda) past the gas station. He isn't always there though, but his prices are good! Wayy better than Makambi on Caracasbaaiweg. X


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