July Post #11 Making the most of a small kitchen

When I had just moved to Holland I lived in Arnhem in the tiniest little apartment. I barely had people over because for most of the time that I lived there I didn’t have a sofa. I had a desk chair and that is it, so when on rare occasions people would come over for dinner we would eat on the floor. My kitchen was the uber tiny and so I needed to improvise a lot. I usually made dishes that only required two pans because I had only two pits. I did however find a couple of ways to save some space that also looked nice. For example I bought one of those magnet strops and hung up all of my knifes. Also I had a metal bar with little hooks on which I could hang my kitchen utensils. Those are great ideas to keep your kitchen nicely organized and to save some space as well.

Then when I moved to Rotterdam I moved in with a friend and we had a massive kitchen. I had a table where people could sit, a big oven and even a 5 pit stove. I was in heaven! For a student that was a seriously great kitchen. I bought pretty much anything that I could afford and wanted for my kitchen. For my birthday I got a kitchen scale and a mixer from my best friends (I am aware that it’s ridiculous that I didn’t have these yet). I bought little oven dishes, and an ice cream maker and juicer, these are things I did not need but I got them all for such a great price I couldn’t help myself. Now however after moving again it is an issue that I have so many kitchen stuff. I mean really my moving boxes labeled kitchen were almost more than anything else. I have absolutely no space for anything, and am finding ways to make it work. I am going to hang up some shelves in my kitchen where I can put all my cook books, and my pasta and rice containers. Either way lots to do to make my kitchen cute and cozy, but when its done I promise I will post some pictures with you all.


3 thoughts on “July Post #11 Making the most of a small kitchen

  1. I first found Ms. Nataf on the My Fashion Lifestyle site. There is so much to see and read here, I am a writer as well, but from what I have read and seen so far this blog is beautifully photographed and I am loving the food shots! Continued success to Ms. Nataf and her wonderful food presentations! Cheers from San Francisco, Ca. where the natives love eating beautiful looking food!


  2. Thank you so much for the compliments! I truelly appreciate it! Glad you like the pictures. Always nice to know that there are readers out there. If you make any of the dishes I'd love to hear what you think of them. Hope you continue reading my blog, love Tiara


  3. I am still in love with the Red Mui and Red potatoes and for dessert flaming bananas and berries from your post on MFL. I will let you know if I get the courage to try the dish! All the best, LDS :c)


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