Guest Post #2 by Femi Meaux- Breakfast at Fayme’s

As you all know I am participating in a July Blog Challenge. A really cool thing about this challenge is that we get to write guest posts for each other. This is the second guest post written for my blog and I’m excited to share it. Check out this guest post and don’t forget to check out Femi’s blog
Hi, I’m Femi from “Breakfast at Fayme’s”, the author behind a fashion, scrumptious crafty lifestyle blog.
One thing about me; my favorite mealtime is breakfast (not true, I like all meal-times) especially croissants. Recently I took a little trip to Paris and attended a croissant baking class. It was a lot of fun and very educative. I was planning on sharing the croissant recipe, but I love easy recipes best and this recipe is a 48 hour recipe. So I thought about it twice and instead I enjoyed a freshly baked one from one of my favorite bakeries in town, and want to share that.
My top 3 places to eat croissants in Amsterdam; 
Simon Meijssen 
I would like to share an easy and fun pastry fold that you could do with a store bought puff pastry.
Making a simple fold over pastry
1. Cut a “V” (about a finger width from the edge) in one corner of the square puff pastry then mirror that at the other side.
2. Fold over the outer corner from one side to the other and repeat (folding the other side over the folded side) to the other inside corner.
Thank you to Tiara for my guest post and stop by my site for more easy and fast recipes, crafty DIY’s and some personal style.

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