July Post #12 Introducing A Night in Marrakech

Today I have something very special to announce. My dad has asked me to help him organise something special for the people living in Curacao. I helped him by first making the advertisement but my dad asked me to help with something very special as well. We will be cooking together!!

Okay I should probably explain what all of this is about. On August 15th my dad and I have organised a Night in Marrakech. A Night in Marrakech will be hosted at El Gaucho in Curacao. Even though El Gaucho is normally a steakhouse it will be perfect for this event. It will be decorated in a Moroccan style with colorful pillows, lamps and more, to fit the event. Except for the decor A Night in Marrakech will include belly dancers. These belly dancers will entertain the dinner guests throughout the night. You will really feel as if you took a trip to Morocco for a night.

Now since this is after all a food blog I will tell you all about the menu that we will be serving that night. To start the night off right we have several different appetizers. We will offer a variety of olives, humus, baba ganoush, kibe, pita bread, a bean salad spiced with garlic and cumin. There will also be a potato salad with garlic, cumin and harissa, and a carrot salad seasoned with garlic, coriander and harissa.

Then as a main dish we will serve a Couscous Royal made with both lamb and chicken with chickpeas and 7 vegetables.

As a dessert we offer a light fruit salad with some fresh mint leaves and an orange blossom water dressing to cleanse your palette.

Hopefully this sounds as amazing to you as it sounds to me. I know for a fact that I am super excited to be cooking for those of you who decide to come. If this sounds as good as I think it does you should reserve though because otherwise there might not be any space left. For reservations call 767-0067
Hope to see you all there!

x, Tiara


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