A night in Marrakech

I know that I am crazy late with this but better late than never right? Tons of excuses why its so late, but none of that matters because it is time to tell a story…
A Night in Marrakech was amazing! It was truly an amazing experience. First of all i have never cooked for 80 people before. Trust me when I say cooking for 80 people is a serious MISSION. First my dad and I did the groceries two days in advance, buying all the ingredients was crazy. We needed two shopping carts (just for the fruits and vegetable). But then one supermarket didn’t have everything so I had to go hunt down some of the other fruits such as strawberries. I ended up going to 3 supermarkets in one day!! Either way, shopping was a ton of fun, two shopping carts, an two HUGE pots later we were on our way to the restaurant to drop everything off. This was the end of day one.

 Now it was time to cook! We put on our aprons and began the preparations. We were chopping what had to be chopped, and then cooking each vegetable individually. The fact that we had so many different ingredients to the CousCous made everything a lot more complicated because everything needed to be cooked a different length of time, so we cooked everything separately to make sure that nothing would turn to mush, because well that would be pretty gross and would ruin the night.

After cooking the entire day (no I am not exaggerating) we finally went home took a shower and went back fresh to receive the guests. Everything was ready to serve, the belly dancers arrived and I was in charge of them. Making sure that there was enough time in between, that the right music was playing, and everything else that went along with that.
I would say it was definitely a night to remember, it was an awesome experience and a ton of fun! Hopefully this will not be the last time that something like this is organized. Now a few pictures from behind the scenes.  


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