Save fishies by eating Lionfish! Yum

Today I want to introduce you all to something very interesting. You might have heard about lionfish already, to those of you who have not heard of it I shall inform you.
Lionfish is newly “popular” on the island that I’m from. It is a venomous fish that is multiplying rapidly and endangering other fish. Lionfish is a major threat to the reefs and all the fish that live there, and so the fact that they are multiplying is a serious problem. Because of this issue more and more restaurants have started to put Lionfish on their menus, and guess what people love it!
On my last trip to paradise I had decided that if there was one thing I absolutely had to eat before leaving it would be Lionfish. I know people that catch Lionfish, and people who serve it and so this was my chance!
On one of my last days there I made it happen. I went to this place called Sea Side Terrace and it was amazing. To those of you who know what Curacao Style Red Snapper tastes like, I find Lionfish to be similar. It is very similar in texture, but in my opinion Lionfish does have a stronger and delicious taste. Its not lacking in flavor, all you need is some freshly squeezed lime and you’re done.

I strongly suggest that if you ever get a chance to try this, TAKE YOUR CHANCE! Not only will you have an amazing meal, but you are also saving all the other fishies in the ocean.


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