Some of you might remember that I had mentioned that I wanted to learn to make sushi… Well as promised I did, and to be completely honest it was amazing! One of my best friends (Nicole) came over to Rotterdam and we went to this place The Chinese Boot where they have anything and everything in regards to Chinese and also Japanese food supplies. This was definitely the ideal place for us to go shoppingggg!
To those of you that know me well you know I LOVE doing groceries. My boyfriend always teases me that I am like a kid in a candy store. Either way at the Chinese Boat we bought eel, which was already cut perfectly; we got edamame beans, dumplings, seaweed salad (wakame), fish eggs (the tiny orange ones) and then a bunch of other random stuff that I have yet to experiment with. (a blog about this will follow don’t you worry)
After the Chinese boat we went to a fish place where we got a gorgeous piece of salmon, followed by Albert Heijn where I got avocado, cucumber and surimi sticks. With the surimi sticks I had made the salad that has already been uploaded on my blog minus the mustard with some sesame oil.
Here I have a list of the important things NEEDED to make sushi:
       Sushi rice
       White rice vinegar (sushi rice seasoning)
       Nori (dried seaweed)
       A bamboo mat
       Soya sauce
       Pickled ginger
       Ingredients, whatever you chose to use
Now it was time to make the actual sushi! First I made the rice, the way it says on the package. Make sure you have the appropriate rice and seasoning. Now let the rice cool down for between half an hour and an hour. The longer the better because you need to work with the rice with your hands so not too nice if its hot or even warm. While your waiting for the rice to cool down it’s a good time to prepare all your ingredients. Slice all your vegetables thinly, as well as the fish.
Sliced Cucumber
1.Lay the nori on top of the bamboo mat. (If you like you can wrap the bamboo mat in plastic wrap so that the rice does not get stuck in the bamboo mat)
2.With the rough side of the nori up, put some rice on the nori. With your hands spread it on the nori evenly and not too thick!
3.Now its time to chose which ingredients you want to use place on the rice. Leave about an inch at the bottom with rice, you will need to use this to close the roll.
4.Now tightly wrap the rice around the ingredients and make it pretty!!!
You could also make inside out rolls. Here you lay the rice on the nori as well then you can add sesame seeds or fisheggs. Then you turn it around, lay out the ingredients the same way as you would with a normal roll, and close it up. Here its handy to cut the nori in half because otherwise the rolls become too big!

I hope this was a fun post, if you have any comments questions or AWESOME sushi combinations, share them with me!


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