Exciting krioyo food

Okay so I am aware that I have blogged about Marche Bieuw in the past, but I don’t think that I really did it justice. Last time I went my pictures did not really turn out great, plus the fact that I went only with one or two other people. This time I went with a nice big group, and most of us had different dishes, which made it so much more interesting. Also this time I had something that I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while now.
When I was at Marche Bieuw I had told my family (I was there with my mom, aunt uncle and cousins) that I had been dying to blog about iguana stoba (iguana stew) as I believe that this is a typical local dish and I had not yet blogged about it. Iguana isn’t something that you can eat all over the world but when you are on vacation on Curacao it is definitely something that you should try! I had eaten it once before when I was a kid and I do remember liking to but had no idea what it tasted like. Given the fact that on that particular day I had seen an iguana walking around I wasn’t sure that it would be the best idea to actually try it again, so I asked if anyone in the family was willing to order that so that I could take a nice picture and blog (how cowardly of me, I know). Either way no one was very much in an iguana kind of mood so I ended up ordering it myself… I have to be honest and say it was great! People always say that it tastes like chicken but I don’t really agree. To be completely fair I get why they say that I mean I find the texture extremely similar to that of chicken, but the flavor is so far off!
I always say that chicken is an extremely easy thing to have at home because it doesn’t have a very strong flavor of its own, so you can add pretty much anything and make it tasty. Iguana however does have a lot of flavor of its own which is what I like about it. The texture was nice and soft but packed with flavor. I’m not sure that I could describe properly what it actually tastes like though so I suggest you give it a try next time your in Curacao!

Iguana Stoba
Most of the other things eaten that day are things that I have previously blogged about except for the komkomber chiki stew which is a stew made with meat and a vegetable that translates to small cucumber. It’s round and has little spikes on it and I love it! It’s usually still a bit crunchy and has a great flavor! I haven’t come across it outside of Curacao yet so I consider it a fairly local dish. My mom actually used to cook with it every once in a while and make some great stews as well. 

Komkomber Chiki

Jambo Stoba

Piska Kora
Now I am wondering two things… To those of you who were raised in Curacao, what is your favorite local dish? And then to those of you who are not from Curacao, where are you from and what’s the best local dish your home has to offer? Share your story with me and my fellow readers!


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