23 Years old.

On October 8th I turned 23! Yes I know I am getting old. The point of this blog however was not to tell you all that it was my birthday but to share with you an awesome gift that I got from my best friends. Something that I had once mentioned a few months ago, and then I actually got it!
Some of you might know the movie Julie and Julia. Where this woman has Julia Childs’ cookbook and then makes a different recipe every day till she makes every recipe in the book. Since I saw the movie I’ve wanted the Julia Child cookbook, then I found out that there are two books and I got even more excited. As you have probably figured out at this point, I got the books for my birthday!
I have actually decided to get a new cabinet thingy from Ikea just so that I can nicely display my cookbooks. Yes I am aware that that is ridiculous but that’s fine. A little bit of ridiculousness is good for the soul.
So next order of business is actually using the cookbook and sharing this with all of you. I can’t wait!!!

To be continued….  😉


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