Fresh Spring Rolls 1st Trial

Spring Rolls

Fresh spring rolls are taste great and are healthy (depending on what you put inside obviously). A lot of people are under the impression that making spring rolls is difficult and takes a lot of time but this is actually not the case at all. I was always daunted by the thought of making my own spring rolls but decided it was time to conquer my fear.  

The fun thing about making spring rolls is that there are so many different things that you can put in them. There are “typical” things such as shrimps and mint with noodles. But other than that you can put pretty much anything in them.
What I did is just make a bean and quinoa salad. I put in white beans, kidney beans, salmon with skin (pan fried), quinoa, tomatoes, feta, carrots and a lettuce mix. To make the spring rolls you need hot water to make the rice paper soft. What I did was fill a large bowl with water and dip the sides of the rice paper into the water. Then place it on a cutting board. For the center I took an espresso cup and put some water in here, and drizzled it on the rice paper and then spreading it out with my fingers. The reason I did it this way is because otherwise the rice paper sticks together, this can get very frustrating which makes me want to just throw it out.
I plan to have a couple of different rice noodles, and so you can be sure to find some more awesome ingredient combinations to use for fresh spring rolls.
Nom nom nom
Ready to eat! Yummm


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