Weekend in Paris

Sea salt… Soo pretty!
La Maison de Chou
At this point I guess you already know that my brother is in Paris for his internship. So obviously I had to go visit. My dad came to Europe and we decided to go visit my brother together. It was a lot of fun. I went for a long weekend, also because I am free on Mondays, which is great. When asked by friends what I did that weekend all I could say is EAT AMAZING FOODDDD. Yea I am not the type that goes to Paris and goes shopping like crazy. The thing I enjoy most is food and so this was the perfect trip for me. Plus I couldn’t have been in better company. There are 3 men in my life that mean everything, my two brothers and my dad, and I got to spent the weekend with two of the three. Hopefully a year from now my other brother will be here too, anyways that’s beside the point.
I just wanted to share some pictures of some of the amazingness I got to eat.
Enjoyyyy the foodporn 
Say cheese!
Some of the most Delishhhhh pastries that Paris has to offer. And no I did not go to La Duree, instead I went to La Carette which is the less comercial version of La Duree. The pastry chef from La Duree actually left and went to La Carette. So I strongly recommend you ditch La Duree and check out La Carette! 
La Fayette
Pierre Herme
La Carette Macaroons
Pierre Herme
Pierre Herme
MasMoudi Tunisian deliciousness 

Some yummy food at a French little restaurant

Home made pate
Deadly mushrooms with a soft egg

Delish Rabbit stew

Rabbit with pumpkin mash and vanilla

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