Yaay! Guest Post, Christmas EXPLOSION #1 by…

For a while now I have been thinking about adding a new dimension to my blog for you all to enjoy. Some of you might have read about it already, to those of you who haven’t this is the idea: I want to add a guest post to my blog every month. First of all I am super excited that the people around me like the idea and want to blog! Second of all I believe that this is the perfect month to have my first guest post, especially given that the first post is Christmas related. I am very excited and honoured that this fellow blogger is willing to write on my blog.
Now introducing the first Christmas related guest post… Drumroll please!
Thelea Terborg!! She is a fellow blogger, she is also that awesome human being who organized the July Challenge, where a group of bloggers spent all of July blogging their asses off (me included). First I strongly suggest that you check out her blog Antiyanomita

Ok dear readers, enjoy the post!!
Christmas Explosion in a Jar
Hello food enthusiast! My name is Thelea and I know nothing of food and the making of it. However, life is about saying yes when a friend asks you to write a guest post on her wonderful food blog. And so, here we are. Lettuce do this!

What I have put together are three (candy-cane centered) SUPER EASY (like, even I could do them) gift ideas for ‘people you like, but just not enough to get them the expensive presents’ OR Christmas presents on a budget.
Roughly the ingredients:

For the chocolate lovers:

Pepermint Bark recipe:
– Your favorite plain chocolate (could be white/dark/milk/cow/goat/lettuce) – Candy canes
– Self-decorated jar: 


1. Crush the candy canes like they called you ugly and pushed you on a cactus. I put the candy in a bag and smashed them with a jar.
2. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or on your stove (like the olden days).
3. Pour the crushed candy canes in the melted chocolate and watch Christmas magically manifest into your bowl.

4. Stir candy canes and melted chocolate while gyrating hips awkwardly in similar motion.
5. Pour candy-chocolate goodness onto a non-stick tray (or on baking paper) and put in fridge for about 15 minutes.

As our friend Femi would say: et voila! Break the peppermint bark off into pieces and put them in a (self-decorated, because come on) jar. 

For the marshmallow lovers:


– Marshmallows
– Candy canes
– Melted chocolate

1. Eat at least 3 marshmallows, because you are human.
2. Melt the chocolate and crush the candy canes like in the Peppermint Bark recipe. 

3. Dip half of the marshmallow into the chocolate and let the excess drip off.
4. Dip chocolate-mellow into the crushed canes and watch Christmas magically manifest in your hands.

Once again: et voila! After you let the chocolate-candy-mellow dry, you can either add them to the jar with Peppermint Bark (like I did) or bag them separately for a big group. 

For the coffee lovers:

Peppermint mocha recipe:

Option 1.

– The Peppermint Bark of previous recipe
– Brewed/instant coffee (whichever you prefer)

Option 2 (for the fancy ones among us). 

– Mini candy canes
– (White) chocolate truffles / pralines
– Brewed/instant coffee

– Self-decorated jar (to drink out of)


 – Whipped cream. But it’s not really optional, just do it.
– Cinnamon/cocoa powder to sprinkle on whipped cream/coffee

1. Crush 2 mini candy canes.
2. Stir crushed candy canes into coffee until all the candy has melted.
3. Squish 2 chocolate truffles with your thumbs (makes it easier to stir into coffee) 4. Stir squished chocolate into coffee until all of it has melted and watch Christmas magically manifest in caffeine form. 

Last time: et voila! You have your homemade peppermint mocha. You can also just add some peppermint bark to your coffee, but it’s the truffle part that will make you the ‘favorite friend’.
For the gift idea, just measure out enough candy canes and truffles for 2/3 cups and put them into a (self decorated, guys… it’s not that hard) jar. Don’t forget to add the instructions!

So there you go: a feeble attempt at a few homemade, wallet-friendly Christmas gifts. Unless you’re friends with The Great Gatsby, I am sure anyone could appreciate the time and effort put into a homemade gift. 

PLOT TWIST: Eat it all yourself and don’t give any of it to anyone.


3 thoughts on “Yaay! Guest Post, Christmas EXPLOSION #1 by…

  1. Wonderful post! Love the chocolate and peppermint blend, but I LOVE coffee the best! Busy writing, but I hope to follow this blog more often. Cheers to you all and to Miss Tiara! Lorrie


  2. Hi Lorrie! How are you? I'm glad that you liked the post, I must say I loved it a lot as well! And I would love to hear what you think of my next posts as well, you always have such great things to say! Brings a smile on my face to see that someone is really enjoying my blog. Have a GREAT day!
    xxx Tiara


  3. Yes Miss Tiara, I will come back more often. Still writing and working on my websites. I enjoy blogs like yours because you enjoy what you do and that makes me happy. I try to support as many as I can and I hope to return soon! Until then, have a great February! L


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