Guest Post #3 Chiara Larissa Liqui Lung, Balchi Tuna

Balchi tuna
It’s the time of month where I get the privilege to share the cooking skills of friends. Chiara Liqui Lung a friend of mine that was also born and raised in Curacao wrote today’s guest post. She is sharing a recipe for Balchi Tuna with us.

Chiara sent me a preview with a picture of her balchi tuna a few days ago and I got all excited! I promise you that if you make it you will NOT be the only one, as I will be making these very soon. Hope you all enjoy this post as much as I do.
Balchi Tuna is a typical “krioyo” (local) recipe from the Caribbean that you can mix up a little by combing it with sweet peppers and a sweet potato. Chiara personally loves the combination of the sweet and salty foods.
–       3 cans of tuna
–       1 tbs piccalilli
–       1 garlic clove
–       2 sweet peppers
–       2 cups breadcrumbs
–       3 eggs
–       olive oil
–       butter
–       2 sweet potatoes
–       1 small onion
–       1 tomato
–       3 tbs tomato paste
–       water
Step by step process
1.     Mix the tuna with the piccalilli and the chopped garlic clove. Break the eggs and whisk them. Then form balls from the mixture and dip these balls in the eggs.
2.     After dipping the balls into the eggs roll these around in a bowl or deep plate of breadcrumbs.
3.     In a pan heat up some olive oil and put the tuna balls in the pan, pan-fry them until they are brown and crispy.
4.     Prepare the sweet potatoes as you would a baked potato.
5.     To make the sauce put a little but of butter in a saucepan. Chop an onion and dice a tomato, then put the onions in a pan. When the onions have browned a bit lower the fire and add the tomatoes and the tomato paste. Stir this well and add some water to make the sauce less thick.
Serve and enjoy!
Bon Ap.

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