Sushi Company

To those of you that have been wondering what has been keeping me from blogging/cooking it’s my “new” job. Granted it’s not really a new job but most of you probably don’t know about it so new to you. I work at the Sushi Company, which is this great little restaurant in my street with about 30 seating’s. We do take out, delivery (in certain areas) and of coarse we have tables to sit and have a nice meal as well!
When I started working there I only worked in the weekend but lately I have been working a lot more, which gives me less time to cook, which is why I have  been blogging less as well.
Now more about the Sushi Company, if you live in Rotterdam, or anywhere else in Holland, and you like sushi I strongly suggest that you come and enjoy all that we have to offer.  It is by far the best sushi in Rotterdam, not only according to me but also according to IENS. The sushi is fresh, the combinations are awesome, and of coarse the service is great!
When I don’t work I actually get sushi sometimes or have dinner there with family or friends, and the one thing I always get when having dinner there is the Gunkan Hotategai, or Nigiri Hotategai.

Hotategai is scallop, and it is amazing!!! It melts on your tongue and well take my word for it and just try it. Other than the scallops we have a bunch of other awesome things to order such as the Sushi van de Chef. You can order in different quantities and the chef will make a couple of special things for you, usually a combination of things on the menu as well as things like Salmon Nigiri with flambé Japanese mayonnaise. The fun thing about the Sushi van de Chef is that you are letting yourself be surprised by the chef.
Here are a couple of pictures of the yumminess that you can order when you come.

When my mom was in Holland obviously I had to take her to have sushi at the Sushi Company, and one thing that I really need to share is the story of the dolls.
Ok so we have these little beads of Chinese dolls that we put the chopsticks on. These little dolls get tons of attention from our clients, who think up little stories… Some people however (my mom) even dress them up!!! Check it out:
Hope you enjoyed the post and that you all come visit me at work soon 😉

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