Guest Post #4 by Cecil Kleine – New Style Sashimi

Today I have a new guest post to share with you all. I must say I really enjoy all these guys posts because it has been giving my blog a whole new tone. I feel that its really nice to see how creative everyone can be when it comes to cooking. Also the style of cooking between everyone is very different which is great. Hope that you all think the same about this, I would love some feedback!!

Also remember whoever you are, if you are interested in writing a guest post I would love it if you contact me! You can comment, or otherwise email me at

Then here goes Cecils post, hope you all enjoy it! And to Cecil thank you for joining my little guest post list. Nice to have you.

New Style Sashimi by Cecil Kleine

This is a recipe my mother introduced to me while visiting for the holidays. It’s quick, easy and most importantly: absolutely delicious. I found it to be a hit amongst my friends who are more than willing to devour everything on the plate from the moment it hits the table (in all fairness, myself included). It’s good to note that this variation is in not the definitive recipe, so feel free to substitute any ingredients to spice it up to your personal preference.

The dish itself has a funny story behind it. It was an attempt to appease a disgruntled patron who sent back a plate of sashimi because he didn’t like raw fish. Now to most people this sounds pretty silly, however renowned Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa saw it as a fun way to challenge his culinary creativity. New Style Sashimi was born. Where lesser chefs would’ve ridiculed the patron for his ignorance, Matsuhisa took the opportunity to create something new. It’s a dish born out of passion and humility.

What you’ll need:

Fresh Tuna & Salmon (check out the local market)                             250 gr. each
Rasped Lemon Peel                                                                            1 lemon
Lemon Juice                                                                                        2 tablespoons
Sesame Seeds                                                                                      to taste
Soy Sauce                                                                                            2-3 tablespoons
Sesame Oil                                                                                          1 teaspoon
Mild/Light Olive Oil                                                                           2-3 tablespoons
Fresh Cilantro                                                                                     to taste


1. Start off by removing any unwanted skin, bones, fat from your fish. Just remember to mind your fingers.

2. Once you’re happy with the way it looks, cut both the salmon and the tuna into small, thin slices. The thinner the cut, the more cooked the final result is. Personally I like thick salmon, thin tuna.

3. Place the slices on a plate and sprinkle some rasped lemon peel over it.

4. Use a small pan to heat up the olive oil, let it get nice and hot. Be very careful not to add water to it!

5. In a small bowl, mix together the soy sauce, sesame oil and lemon juice.

6. Once the oil just starts smoking, remove it from heat and use a spoon to cascade it over your fish. You should hear a soft sizzle when the two come together. Two or three tablespoons should do the trick.

7. Take a tablespoon of your sesame/soy/lemon concoction and pour it over your lightly cooked salmon & tuna. Don’t drown out the fish though. Less is more!

8. Garnish with fresh cilantro to taste & enjoy with friends.


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