Foodie Weekend, part 1

A couple of weekends ago I had a foodies dream weekend. It was epic. In the lovely city where I live two events were held in the same weekend, both food related events and it was fantastic. I mean really, I live for weekends like that where all you do is walk around and eat anything you want 😀 Also a great added bonus which made the days so much more pleasant was the weather. It was sunny and warm, and the perfect thing to add some greatness to the events.

On Saturday my brother and I went to Zaait. It was my first time going so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it definitely exceeded my expectations! There were plants everywhere which was great because as some of you might know I have started growing some plants in my tiny little place… I took the opportunity to buy two plants there as well, cherry tomatoes and small eggplants. I will be sure to post some pictures on my blog when my first tomatoes and eggplants grow.

Anyway, Dimitri and I started the day off with some awesome freshly caught oysters with white wine. We are both big oyster lovers and will never miss an opportunity to have them. It also helps that the man selling them was a real character (see picture below)

After having some delicious oysters we walked around a bit and then we found this amazing stand! They were making arabic stews and serving them in these super yummy breads that they used as bowls. It was definitely the best thing we had there!! The flavours were amazing, intense and just absolutely PERFECT! Check it out:
Dimitri enjoying his stew in the sun…

Last but not least there was this guy making smoked mackerel. I told myself that I’d buy one on the way out and then I totally forgot 😦 But I thought the picture and the idea were really cool which is why I just had to share it with you anyway. Hope you enjoyed this post, it would have been uber long if I added Sundays event in here as well so part 2 shall follow

Have a week week(end) everyone!


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