Cooking with my lifefriend

I visit a special someone every couple of weeks, or any chance I get.
Our grannies were besties,
My mom and her aunt are besties,
Her mom and my aunt are besties,
And ofcoarse we are besties.
We both love to cook and always have a blast doing just that when we are together. A few weeks ago I was there again and we decided we were gonna make some epic tasting fish. We biked to the supermarket to do some groceries and get some fish at the fishmonger. Mind you my bike riding skills are horrific, Isabella, my friends 3 year old daughter made fun of the whole way there.
What we ended up making was the dorade with steamed brocolli and some very happy looking fries. Yes they were happy looking fries and with that I mean they have a smile (special kids fries 🙂 )
Check out how to easily and deliciously prepare the fish:
– Onions
– Spring onions
– Sundried tomatoes
– Salt
– Pepper
– White wine
Season the fishie

Stuff the fishie with everything but the wine
Smile at the camara
Wrap in foil and place on bbq
Is it ready for some wine?
Yes, yes, you may now add the wine (inside the foil!)
Dinner is servedd

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