Salmon with Pesto and Jam

I am totally aware that this sounds like a crazy combination, but I promise its sooo delicious! My mom messaged me about a year ago telling me that she had made it and how good it was. It took me like 9 months to try it out because of how hesitant I was. Well I can tell you this much, I should have bought salmon that week and made it!!

The fun thing about this is that there are tons of different jams, so you could be very creative with which jam flavor you use. About the salmon itself, something that I love to do is buy salmon with its skin on it. The skin gets all crunchy if you place it on the grill and adds a whole new dimension to the dish!
Ingredients for entire meal:
– Salmon (with skin)
– Pesto
– Jam
– Olive oil
– Salt & pepper
– Red onions
– Colorful tomatoes
– Balsamic vinegar
– Basil
– Polenta
– Egg (optional)
Steps for the polenta dish: 
– Make the polenta as you normally would.
– Separately slice up the tomatoes and onions. Sauté these in a pan with olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
– Soft boil an egg. (Optional)
– Place the polenta in a dish, then place the tomatoes and onions on top of the polenta along with the egg.
Steps for the salmon:
– Drizzle some olive oil on the salmon skin, add some salt and pepper and rub. 
– Then on the other side first spread the pesto all over the fresh. Place a blob of jam on top and slowly spread it over the pesto. You can use any jam you like. I did a simple berry jam.

Heat the grill and when its hot enough place the salmon skin side down onto the grill. When its nice and crunchy turn it around. 

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