Super awesome event!

On the first monday of this month I started a new internship at a company called Dining City. Something that bothered me is that very few people know Dining City. And the reason it bothers me is only because its a company that organises so many great food related events. Events that everyone should know about!

Some of you im sure do know about Restaurant Week, but some of you don’t and thats what I want to tell you about. Restaurant Week is this amazing event for all us foodies, especially those that are also students on a budget. The thing about Restaurant Week is that its all over Holland and gives us all the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at at a great price. Generally the 3 coarse menu’s cost 22,50 for lunch and 27,50 for dinner. Many of these restaurants are quite a bit more expensive so this is really great! In case you were wondering, Michelin Stars actually also participate with this awesome event. For each Michelin Star you pay a supplement of 12,50 and still its such a great price.

I strongly suggest you all start making reservations PRONTO before everything is totally full! Restaurant Week starts on August 28th till the 7th of September so enjoyyyy it. I know I will!

Also a fun thing about this post is that we can all share our experiences! I would absolutely love to hear which restaurants you decide to go to and how they are. As you probably expect I will let you know as well where I go and how it is! Guys seriously, don’t miss this chance.


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