My "weird" question

When getting to know new people everyone has one thing that they wonder about this new person. Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled to? What languages do you speak? What do/did you study? The question that always floats around in my brain while talking to new people is:
“So… What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?!?!”

Everyones definition of weird food is different, so sometimes I am surprised to hear the responses I get. But then again that might be because I will eat just about everything, so weird things to some people are things that I eat all the time… I am actually not sure what the weirdest thing is that I have ever eaten. I guess the answer also depends on who I am talking to. Some of the weird things that I’ve eaten are:

– Sea urchin eggs
– Pan fried goats blood (though I wasn’t aware at the time that I was enjoying fried blood)
– Bulls meat
– Shark
– Sting ray
– Goat (to people in Curacao this isn’t weird)
– Iguana (shouldn’t be weird either to my fellow Yu Di Korsou’s)
– Kangaroo
– Ostrich

I am alwaysss up for trying new cry foods and I am actually working on a food bucket list. I would really love to hear what the weirdest things is that you’ve ever eaten?
Comment bellow and share the weirdness! Hopefully I will find some new things to add to my bucket list.


4 thoughts on “My "weird" question

  1. That is a good question. You will just eat about everything. I'm…different. Where I was born there is this saying, “What the farmer doesn't know, he will not eat it”. I did try various kinds of dishes, but even now I stay cautious with tasting new meals.
    The weirdest things I ate? Here's a shortlist:

    goatstew (not so weird though, just a bit fatty)
    ostrich-steak, -sausage
    A Thai dish containing ground beef with 3 kinds of hot peppers

    I guess I like meat.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The weirdest things I've eaten are
    Sheep's brains, buffalo worms and grasshoppers. I do not recommend the first, but the bugs are alright!


  3. Hahahaha yea wat de boer niet maalt, is that it? And having said that, ostrich and kangaroo are pretty risky don't you think? And yes you clearly are a meat kind of man. Glad to hear your weirds


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